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    This is TMAP — design

    Urban design and the movable chair

    Architecture wasn't always a living pun. There was a time when conversations about architecture could include words like chair, tree, and sidewalk. The discussion could revolve around simple concepts. An essay could have an identifiable and usable thesis.

    Occasionally I encounter a thing which rekindles my fascination with architecture and reminds me what about it is so appealing. This video is one such thing. How perfectly comprehensible and actionable is the information delivered in here.


    William H. Whyte: The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces - The Street Corner from MAS on Vimeo.


    Perhaps a bit of a departure, but this video is superb first for its content and second for how unconcerned they are with sounding smart (and how smart they sound as a result). Kudos to the people who made it!