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    These Men Are Professionals is a company created and run by the singular Alexander Pagliere, who cares deeply about things doing what they're supposed to do, but has a much more liberal view of what that means than most designers:

    In general, things that last are superior to those that don't, but imagine a world without paper plates. In general, things that are durable are better, but imagine a waxed canvas evening gown. In general, an intuitive user interface is better, but imagine if machines were only built to accomplish what an ignoramus could do with them.

    Any design must begin with the question "what is its job?". The answer must be found with applied critical thinking, experience, iteration, and a sense of humor.

    We sell three categories of things on our website.
    The common thread among them is that they're going to do what they're supposed to do.

    If you want to see what Alex can do with a welder, take a look at his metal portfolio. He's available for commissions. His time is expensive.