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    Refunds are available on request. We at TMAP, LLC are strictly interested in you getting awesome things that do what they're supposed to do. Since we're a small company, we ask that you not take advantage of our return policy. Because such a thing is a possibility, we do not guarantee full refunds in all cases, but your being pleased with your transactions with us is definitely more important than a few dollars, and this will guide us in finding the appropriate solution with you.

    To start: all refunds are handled by initiating a conversation with us. Send us an email at asp@tmapllc.com.

    -If you don't like what you got and it's definitely our fault, we will be very happy to refund your money for it, and depending on the situation, we will probably pay for return shipping for you.

    -If you wish to exchange something (for example, the jacket you ordered doesn't fit, or you accidentally ordered the wrong product), we will almost certainly exchange it for you without a restocking fee. You will have to carefully ship the item back to us in sellable condition. Return shipping fees will likely be yours.

    -If something genuinely fails to do its job, we'll rectify the problem the best way we can. We will also probably remove the product from our website. Given our intention in selecting and making our products, we hope to never encounter this problem.

    -If something you ordered does not meet your expectations, we'll work with you to figure out the best solution. Please keep in mind that haggard, well-used items are what we strive for, not something that we think should be replaced with preciousness.

    Please keep in mind that this is a small company. Please treat us with the same respect as we treat you.